I need a patron.

Yes, I’m looking for benefactors who, like the Medici during the Italian Renaissance, support me while I realize what I hope will be good dissemination work.

I’m writing a book that will contain questions and answers about Bitcoin; authentic ones, made by skeptical people who need help understanding the technology and economic concepts introduced by the latter.

For the moment I am proceeding without a specific order, jumping from one question to another and writing in the spare time, while not working. I need to make a text that is readable and understandable by the so-called nocoiners and by those who begin to be identifiable with the term bitcoiner.
As I said to Alena Vranova, who introduced me to a book written by her and other professionals (The Little Bitcoin Book), an important chapter of the book will concern the tradeoffs of the cashless society and how Bitcoin was created to constitute an efficient alternative.

However, I would like to dedicate a much longer time to the writing of this text; time that will also be necessary for the revision and translation of the text (for convenience I am writing it in my mother tongue, Italian, and then I will have to translate it into English).

For this reason I need to raise funds; not too many to tell the truth.

I would like to be able to collect at least a value of 500 euros in BTC, in order to cover even just the costs of a month’s rent.

What can I give in return?

Commitment and research. I don’t write if I haven’t studied the subject before and I still need to study a lot (in fact, it never ends)!

Digital copy of the book. To those who request it, regardless of the contribution – few or many sats, it makes no difference – I will give a digital copy of my book, in whatever format they want.

Paper copy of the book. To the most generous donors, if shipping costs are not too expensive, I will donate a paper copy of the book with personal thanks.

I will collect donations exclusively in BTC. Why would you need to accept fiat money when you write a book about Bitcoin?

Furthermore, I will only collect them on this BTC address: 3Q5jWcgSsCEztYogRJ8zYqcw6MjbsiESx1

so that you can monitor how much is collected. You can keep track of the donation with Tallycoin too: https://tallyco.in/s/5tzlh3/

I know I can be ridiculous in my quest, but I am a simple freelancer who, like many others, works to mantain his business and little else.
I believe I can produce something good and I need your help.

Thank you.

Il mio libro guida sull’utilizzo dello smartphone “Smartphone Facile” è disponibile anche su questo sito in versione ebook.

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