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BTCpay: what is it?

BTCPay Server is a free and open source server for merchants wanting to accept Bitcoin for their business.


The server does not need to know your private keys, so your money can’t be stolen.
Funds paid by the users arrive directly in your own wallet.


A user-friendly Bitcoin checkout page for your customers.


Manage, generate reports, and search for your invoices easily

Not an unlicensed money transmitter service

BTCpay Server is a Bitcoin tool, not a money transmitter service.
I don’t see, manage or broadcast transactions received or done via your BTCpay instance.

You can use my BTCPay server, if you want.

For free.

Here you find the server: btcpay.davidcoen.it
You can use it with your own website and to generate Bitcoin onchain invoice.
Lightning is not yet available for you, but it will be soon at your disposal.

So you can get it for free, but if you are not a tech savvy and prefer a ready-to-use solution, you can contact me and then go back here to pay, or directly ask me for an invoice by email.
You will have my help as a personal Bitcoin consultant and I will give you the payment processor solution you prefer.

Live demo

A Bitcoin (onchain) payment to a BTCpay POS.
As you can see (you can skip to 0.40) funds are marked as pending in Edge Wallet when the payment is sent on the background screen.
Please note that the slow time is due to me paying the invoice with a 3rd device, not to the system.

Xpub from Edge Wallet Bitcoin wallet linked to the BTCpay server app. Funds are directly received on the user’s wallet inside Edge.

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