David Coen

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IT consultant, bitcoiner, LNP/BP supporter.
EdgeWallet Software QA Tester & Support.
Author of “Q/A about Bitcoin”. 

Ehy, I’m David and I’m a bitcoiner!
I started my full Bitcoin journey in 2018 after a first touch in 2015 and a shitcoin experience in 2016-17.
I suppose we need to suffer to find the correct path, and that’s what I did!
I’m currently working as Software QA Tester & Support with Edge Wallet (edge.app), a company based in San Diego that developed an open source non-custodial wallet, and as a freelance Bitcoin consultant.
Through this website you can find info about my job, about Bitcoin and Lightning Network, subscribe to webinars, lessons but also book a date for meetings, calls, reviews, podcasts, consulting and support.

What I do

I currently work with Edge (https://edge.app) as Software QA Tester and Support.

As a QA contractor, my main responsibility is to ensure that the software developed by Edge, a software company that developed a zero-knowledge crypto app called Edge Wallet, is of high quality. This involves working closely with the development team to identify and test the functionality and user experience of the app.
We use an Agile development methodology, which means that testing and quality assurance activities are integrated into the development process, rather than being treated as separate stages.

To manage our testing and quality assurance activities, we use a number of tools. These include Asana (https://asana.com/), which is used to manage project tasks and track progress, and Testrail (https://www.testrail.com/), which is used to manage our test cases and results. We also use Browserstack (https://www.browserstack.com/), which is a cloud-based testing platform that allows us to test the app across multiple devices and browsers.

As a Support contractor, I am responsible for providing customer support for Edge Wallet. This involves answering customer queries and providing technical assistance to customers who are experiencing issues with the app.
To manage our support activities, we use Zendesk (https://www.zendesk.com/), which is a popular customer support platform. In addition to Zendesk, I have also collected a number of open source and closed source tools that I use to provide support to customers. These tools are available on a subdomain that I manage, which is https://resources.davidcoen.it.

To communicate with the development team and other employees / contractors, we use Slack (https://slack.com/), which is a popular team collaboration platform. This allows us to stay in constant communication and share information and updates in real-time.

In addition to my work with Edge, I am also involved in the Bitcoin community as a Bitcoin validator and Lightning routing node provider. I provide a BTCpay Server (https://btcpay.davidcoen.it) for free.

Overall, my job involves collaborating with the development team to ensure that Edge Wallet is of high quality and providing excellent customer support to ensure customer satisfaction.

I’m paid exclusively in ₿ bitcoin for my job, and I’d like to keep that path also with future collaborations. Read: Getting paid in bitcoin (https://edge.app/blog/crypto-basics/getting-paid-in-bitcoin/).


Resources | DAVIDCOEN.IT

An incomplete list of resources I use on a daily basis for my job, written in an old-style html+js.
Some of them are external resources, some have been created by me.
You can use them for free.
I hope they improve your job routine as well!
<h1>Resources | DAVIDCOEN.IT</h1>
<h3>An incomplete list of resources I use on a daily basis for my job.</h3>
Some of them are external resources, some have been created by me.

A list of resources for Nostr:
 	<li><a href="https://nostredirect.davidcoen.it/">Nostr Redirect</a> - A simple tool for creating a HTTPS redirect for a domain to a Nostr profile.</li>
 	<li><a href="/nostr-broadcast">Nostr Broadcast</a> - A tool from <a href="https://github.com/bordalix/nostr-broadcast" target="_blank" rel="noopener">bordalix</a>. Fetch, backup and broadcast your Nostr events.</li>
 	<li><a href="/nip05creator">NIP-05 Creation Tool</a> - It helps you to create your NIP-05 identifier linked to your own domain</li>
<b>You can follow me here:</b>

Nostr PubKey: <a href="nostr:npub149mp2m0q8prpdys7x2lusv2vceraxwzr4ajf6tv3l24my3gtszxsncas0t">npub149mp2m0q8prpdys7x2lusv2vceraxwzr4ajf6tv3l24my3gtszxsncas0t7</a>

<a href="https://damus.io/npub149mp2m0q8prpdys7x2lusv2vceraxwzr4ajf6tv3l24my3gtszxsncas0t">Click here if you use web clients</a>

<h2>Bitcoin (BP)</h2>
A list of resources for Bitcoin (BP):
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PubKey: npub149mp2m0q8prpdys7x2lusv2vceraxwzr4ajf6tv3l24my3gtszxsncas0t7
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