About David Coen

Bitcoin   •   Lightning Network   •   Consulting

IT consultant, bitcoiner, LNP/BP supporter.
EdgeWallet Software QA Tester & Support.
Author of “Q/A about Bitcoin”. 

Ehy, I’m David and I’m a bitcoiner!
I started my full Bitcoin journey in 2018 after a first touch in 2015 and a shitcoin experience in 2016-17.
I suppose we need to suffer to find the correct path, and that’s what I did!
I’m currently working as Software QA Tester & Support with Edge Wallet (edge.app), a company based in San Diego that developed an open source non-custodial wallet, and as a freelance Bitcoin consultant.
Through this website you can find info about my job, about Bitcoin and Lightning Network, subscribe to webinars, lessons but also book a date for meetings, calls, reviews, podcasts, consulting and support.

Connect to my node

You can open a channel to my node using the URIs below.

What’s my Lightning Network Fee Policy?

Here you find the answer: https://medium.com/coinmonks/lets-keep-the-fees-low-starting-the-lightning-network-fee-market-634de10a5a64
but basically #ZeroBaseFee (until 1 USD will be 1 sat) and ZERO Fee Rate (for 2 weeks)!

Node URI public IP:


Node URI Tor:



Do you need a payment processor?

You can use my BTCPay server, if you want.

For free.

Here you find the server: btcpay.davidcoen.it
You can use it with your own website and to generate Bitcoin onchain invoice.
Lightning is not yet available for you, but it will be soon at your disposal.


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